Online Sampling Samples On Request

Physicians Interactive's samples on request objective is to integrate seamlessly with the overall commercial model of our pharmaceutical doctors and the physicians they wish to serve through digital Sampling, or Online Sampling. And that's precisely what our Samples On Request service is designed to do by way of PI's Online Sampling platform to address to specific needs of samples by clinician for his patients. Our unique Samples Online on Demand service is fast and free to the physician practice. The Samples On Request service starts with the pharmaceutical company . This platform will help physicians with pharmaceutical samples in any desired form, dosage, and quantity. The eligible physicians, and business rules that are managed by a proprietary, secure, and validated Online Sampling platform. Among its many features, the platform enables eligible users to request samples, access certain pharmaceutical and prescribing information, and check the status of their sample requests. After submitting their informations & also their unique MCI number ( Medical Council Membership Number). You can log in here & send us the requests.You can also mail us your request at