Qualtra Rep Assist

Qualtra Pharmaceuticals Qualtra Pharmaceuticals qualtraAssist gives Qualtra the ability to arm the clinicians with premium content of latest updates that are available to only our selected clients and samples and also this can help doctors identify the area wise representative servicing the area of the clinician .Not only will qualtraAssist opens the doors to more physicians,it also ensures repeat visits as part of the plan of reps.

What will your Qualtra deliver with qualtraAssist?

Qualtra Pharmaceuticals Qualtra Pharmaceuticals latest reference content that can be accessed via smartphone at the point of care is making a big impact on how HCPs practice medicine. With mRepAssist, clinician can contact us at qualtraassist@qualtrapharma.com or call us at 91-11- 32449220 (3 Lines) and we would ensure that the clinician is approached by our executives in one business day.
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