Qualtra Pharmaceuticals has tied up with industry giants for manufacturing.We have outsourced manufacturing which has a well-planned infrastructure with dedicated and segregated blocks for General, Pencillins (BetalLactum) block in form of oral dosages-tablets, capsules & Dry Syrups augmented by world class facility for Carbepenems & Cephaslosporin for Dry Powder Injectables. The manufacturing facility is equipped with Automatic access control system at process area to ensure entry of only authorized personnel, Electronic Door Interlocking Systems at entry point of process areas to control man, material and movement supported by “Restricted Access Barrier (RABS) and having EU-14 Grade HEPA filters with 99.999% efficiency.

This Hi-tech facility has been developed with automatic vial washing, sterilizing and dehydrogenating (tunnel systems), filling and stoppering, labeling with auto cartoner and WFI with latest technologies and controls to meet USP/BP/EP/JP specifications.

It has dedicated ETP to treat effluent, using treated water for plantation, modular laboratory, requisite temperature conditions at warehouses for raw material and finished.

It adheres to GMP and GLP and houses its state- of -the- art laboratories and most sophisticated equipments. To give unparalleled service and unsurpassed quality, all critical operations are closely monitored through online CCTV and touch free equipments used for communication by a team of quality oriented, well trained and highly qualified intellectuals.

 QC and microbiological labs are one of most well equipped labs in the region. The labs are equipped with Walk- in incubators, HPHV steam sterilizer make Machin Fabrik, LAF hoods, closed system make MDI for sterility testing, dedicated AHU’s for Sterility, media preparation and MLT areas with controlled temperature, instrument for non-viable particle count in the environment by AIR BORNE PARTICLE COUNTER and for measuring particulate matter in the injectable by LIQUID BORE PARTICLE COUNTER, dedicated sampling area provided for samples, dedicated walk-in Stability chambers are equipped and installed for stability test study.