Qualtra Pharmaceuticals P Ltd ha s dedicated team of professionals ever striving for development & marketing of newer molecules . Key focus is on new generic products and making them viable & affordable. Key works on NDDS (Novel Drug Delivery Systems) The innovation Centre at Qualtra Pharma is working tirelessly for expansions and development of new Formidable and novel molecules.

Drug delivery systems (DDS) such as lipid- or polymer-based nanoparticles can be designed to improve the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drugs administered parenterally.
Many of the early problems that hindered the clinical applications of particulate DDS have been overcome, with several DDS formulations of anticancer and antifungal drugs now approved for clinical use.
Furthermore, there is considerable interest in exploiting the advantages of DDS for in vivo delivery of new drugs derived from proteomics or genomics research and for their use in ligand-targeted therapeutics.