Product Description
Metadoxine,Silymarin,L-Ornithine,L-Aspartate in Livopill-acts synergistically protects,rejuvenates and regenerates Liver dynamically.Pyridoxine & Folic acid corrects micronutrient deficiency.

Mechanism of Action

CELLIV addresses the Multiple causes and mechanisms involved in the Liver disorder.


(a) Metadoxine improves Alcohol metabolism and accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the blood.Metadoxine reduces the toxic effects of alcohol.
(b) In hepatic stellate cells,Metadoxine prevents the collagen synthesis & reduces fibrosis.Metadoxine acts as an Antifibrotic agent
(c) Metadoxine is a synthetic antioxidant,provides stronger antioxidant protection.Metadoxine,prevents the redox imbalance &TNF-α indication,one of the earliest event in hepatic damage.


(a) Silymarin is a potent natural antioxidant,prevents Liver damage caused by free radicals.Silymarin Prevents hepatic lipid peroxidation.
(b) Silymarin increases the glutathione synthesis inside the Liver cell.
(c) Silymarin stimulates the protein synthesis and helps in the production of new Liver cells to replace the damaged old ones.


(a) L-Ornithine,L-Aspartate(LOLA)increases the rate of energy production in the Liver cells by stimulating krebs cycle.Thus,LOLA rejuvanates Liver.
(b) LOLA increases ammonia detoxification and decreases ammonia level in the blood.Ornithine in LOLA,stimulates the urea cycle by stimulating the enzyme carbamoyl phosphate synthase&Ornithine transcarbamoylase.Aspartate in LOLA,enters the urea cycle after citrulline is formed and provides the second amino acid required for urea synthesis.LOLA stimulates Glutamine synthetase and decreases ammonia level.

Pyridoxine&Folic acid:

Product Rationale
Liver inflames due to multiple origin.Multiple mechanisms are involved in the Liver disease.

(a) Inflammatory cytokines,oxidative stress,Lipid peroxidation causes Liver cell damage.
(b) Glutathione depletion causes Liver toxicity.
(c) Increased collagen synthesis leads to fibrosis.
(d)Ineffective detoxification of ammonia causes Hyperammonia.
(e) Impaired storage of Vitamins leads to micronutrient deficiency.
Monotherapy will not prevent multiple mechanisms invloved.Combination of drugs needed to address all the factors.
Livopill effectively prevents the multiple mechanisms involved in the Liver disease&ensures absolute synergism towards Liver protection,rejuvenation and regeneration.Livopill is a single solution for multiple complications.
Livopill improves patient compliance and reduces the cost of the therapy.


Acute&chronic hepatitis
Chronic alcoholic liver damage
Fatty Liver(steatosis)
Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Liver cirrhosis


1-2 tablets t.i.d.

Contra Indications

Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Drug Interactions

Metadoxine interacts with Levodopa and diminishes the effect of Levodopa.


A Blister strip of 10 tablets. One box contains 10 x 10 strips.Micronutrient deficiency is commonly associated with chronic Liver disorder.Pryidoxine&Folic acid corrects micronutrient deficiency.