Govpri Inc. LLC

Govpri Inc. is a subsidiary division of Qualtra Pharmaceuticals Pvt Limited. Qualtra, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, is a vertically integrated company with strengths in Formulation Marketing. Govpri Inc .division of Qualtra Pharmaceuticals is headed by a key team of seasoned professionals from the pharmaceutical industry. Set up in 2007, the new superspeciality division of Govpri is planning to offer technical services to pharmaceutical industry.
Concern & Care for Cancer Patients
Govpri, in its quest to serve every human life, ushered in Oncocare & super specialties like Rheumatology & Immunology to cater to the needs of patients suffering from cancer & arthritis & other immunological diseases. GOVPRI has now started to initiate a structured crusade for care and leadership in oncology& Immunology & critical care with a basket of innovative and contemporary product range. Govpri Division took shape in 2011 with its India operations to reach out to each and every life suffering from the dreaded diseases. GOVPRI is on a mission. to continuously update the latest developments in Oncocare & other specialty products and provide latest therapies at affordable prices.